Rehabilitation Process

  1. The Housing Manager will review all applications, verify all information, and determine eligibility.  The Housing Manager may request an initial inspection of the property to determine compliance with rehabilitation policy and assess the housing conditions.

  2. After the Homeowner (i.e. Applicant) has been determined to be income eligible, the Rehabilitation Specialist will conduct a full HQS evaluation of the property.  Depending on the age of the structure, an inspection by a licensed lead inspector shall be required.

  3. The Rehabilitation Specialist will prepare work specifications and a cost estimate of eligible rehabilitation items for the Homeowner’s review.

  4. The Rehabilitation Specialist will review the scope of work with the Homeowner and finalize the work specifications prior putting the project out to bid through the City of Haverhill Purchasing Office.  Any changes to the work specifications should be completed with the Rehabilitation Specialist before the project is put out for bid. Change Orders may or may not be authorized for additional work desired by the Homeowner. 

  5. HRCCP staff will schedule with the Homeowner the pre-bid walk-through for contractors.

  6. Project funding will be based on the low bid amount, provided that it is a responsible bid.  Projects will be awarded to the lowest responsible and eligible bidder.

  7. When the Contractor is determined, HRCCP staff shall prepare contract documents for execution by the Homeowner and the Contractor. Upon execution of the contract, a Notice to Proceed shall be issued to the Contractor.

  8. The Contractor must obtain all necessary municipal building permits before work may begin. The Contractor is expected to use safe work practices and follow all applicable local, state and federal laws.

  9. Periodic inspections will be conducted by the Rehabilitation Specialist during construction to answer any questions from the homeowner and verify compliance with work specifications and schedule.

  10. All invoices submitted by the Contractor shall be followed up by an inspection at which time approval is required from both the Homeowner and the Rehabilitation Specialist.

  11. Once any lead-related work has concluded, a licensed lead inspector will re-inspect the property to perform a clearance exam.  Should all lead requirements be satisfied and a Letter of Compliance has been issued, work shall proceed specific to the rehabilitation elements of the project.

  12. Upon completion of the project, a final inspection will be administered by the Rehabilitation Specialist.  If no deficiencies in the work are identified and all required City permits have been successfully closed out, a Certificate of Final Inspection will be signed by the Homeowner, Rehabilitation Specialist, and Building Inspector, at which time the release of final payment to the Contractor shall be authorized.

  13. Upon successful completion of the project, HRCCP staff will arrange for the execution of the loan documents.  Both the personal loan note and the mortgage shall signed by the Homeowner.