Financial Programs

Financial Counseling Services:
AARP provides IRS-trained volunteers during the tax season to assist elders in preparing their income tax forms. These free & confidential services are also available to the family member in regards to their elderly parent.

SHINE (Health Insurance) Program:
Elders can receive adequate information on health care insurance, requirements for benefits, accessing free or reduced health care, appealing denials, etc. by making an appointment with our trained & EOEA certified insurance counselor. The counselor will:

  • inform elders about health services;
  • make sure clients know what they need for health coverage;
  • provide information about Medicaid, Medicare, Medigap, Health Insurances & public benefits; and
  • assist in filling out insurance forms.
  • Shine Counselor is here the 2nd and 4th Tues
  • Contac Wendy ext 19 to make an appointment

 These free & confidential services are also available to the family member in regards to their elderly parent.

Senior Citizen Tax Incentive Program:
Have you owned and occupied your Haverhill residence for at least 5 years and are having problems paying your real estate tax bill? The Senior Tax Incentive Program ordinance is designed to allow seniors to work in City Departments. The amount you earn will be applied to your real estate taxes. To apply for this program, stop at the COA office to see if you meet the financial & net worth requirements. Information and forms are available.