Our Staff

Telephone: 978-374-2390
Fax: 978-521-2626
Director: Mary Connolly
Address: Haverhill Citizen Center
10 Welcome Street
Haverhill, MA 01830
Hours: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Meet our Staff And Volunteers
Vin Ouellette Director Human Services / Citizens Center  vo@cityofhaverhill.com
978 3742390 Ext 3928

  Director COA
Community Health Coordinator
Mary Connolly ext   Ext.3915       Mconnolly@cityofhaverhill.com                                                   
  Principal Account Clerk: Wendy Farewell ext 3919 wfarewell@cityofhaverhill.com

 Paola Hussein ext 3916 phussein@cityofhaverhill.com

Exercise Class
 Heather True    
Tai Chi
 Mary Van Abs
Meditation Class
John Lalumiere
   3 Bs  Brian Coyne    
Newsletter Editor:
Paola Hussein
ext 3916

Programs and Services:
NEET cordinator /Outreach  
Sue Lagasse
ext 3911 
  Shine Coordinator  Kathy Healy    3926  
  Minority Outreach  Maria Yagual  ext 3912