Outreach/Transportation Programs


We are a supporting member of N.E.E.T. (Northern Essex Elder Transport).  Transportation may be available for medical appointments.  Call (978) 374-2390 ext.3911 Sue Lagasse. 

The MVRTA also provides transportation throughout the comunity with special services for disabled and medical transportation.  http://www.mvrta.com/getdoc/79fcf1da-d496-4e14-b482-4e35cde25dda/ADA-Services.aspx 


Minority Outreach:

The COA has one part-time minority outreach worker to assist minorities in accessing programs at the COA and in the community. 

The Voice Newsletter: 

The COA publishes a free monthly newsletter, The Voice, which contains the latest updates on events, information and services being offered to elders in Haverhill. Distributed the first of each month, The Voice is available at the Center, elderly housing sites, and many other locations throughout the city. If you would like to have The Voice mailed to your home each month, contact the COA and ask to be placed on the newsletter mailing list.