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Wetlands - Our Valuable Resource
This video introduces the viewer to the importance of protecting wetland resource areas - our "Common Wealth".  (Posted 04.15.14; Produced by MassDEP, the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Program, & the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs ©1996; Runtime: 9:32)

Wetlands - Our "Common Wealth"
This MassDEP document provides support information to the video: Wetlands - Our Valuable Resource.  (Posted 04.15.14; Updated 01.31.22)

Legacy - The Story of Massachusetts Conservation Commissions
This video introduces the viewer to the role local Conservation Commissions play in protecting wetland resource areas.  (Posted 04.15.14; Produced by the Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions ©2007; Runtime: 7:35)


Stormwater Solutions for Homeowners - The Stormwater Solutions for Homeowners Fact Sheets—developed by the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM) as part of the Coastal Water Quality Program—give property owners a variety of options to effectively reduce runoff pollution and other stormwater impacts to help protect local waters.

Water Conservation - This page contains information about some simple measures you can take to reduce water consumption and help conserve the City’s water supply.

MA Fisheries & Wildlife, Education and Events
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Fish, Wildlife, and Plants - What species of fish may I find in Massachusetts?  How big is the average bobcat?  What can I do about bats living in my attic?  For answers to these and many more questions, visit this MassWildlife website.

Nature and Wildlife -
What is happening in nature today?  How do I keep that pesky groundhog out of my garden?  What do I if my pet is sprayed by a skunk?  For answers to these and many more questions, visit this MassAudubon website.

Black Bears in Massachusetts - Black Bears are becoming increasingly common in Massachusetts and are moving further to the east.  Visit this MassWildlife website to learn more.

Hunting, Freshwater Fishing, and Trapping - Get the latest regulations from MassWildlife.

Saltwater Fishing - Get the latest regulations from the MA Department of Fish and Game's Division of Marine Fisheries.

Septic System Care & Maintenance - Information from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

United States Environmental Protection Agency - Connect with EPA to learn more about wetlands, watersheds, and groundwater.

MA Department of Environmental Protection - Connect with MassDEP to learn more about the protection of wetlands, water ways, and watersheds in Massachusetts.

MA Clean Water Toolkit - A website that is designed to be the Commonwealth's primary public education resource on nonpoint source pollution.

Education in Pollution Prevention - Learn tips on how you might help to protect our rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds.