Crystal Point Conservation Area

 crystal point 1  crystal point 2  Crystal Point - Crystal Lake view from Crystal St; island off CP southern tip on lefthand side

Location: Crystal Street (east side, between Liberty Street and North Broadway), 01832

Area: 10.5 acres, .80 miles of trails

Parking: On Crystal Street near the start of the trail.
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Haverhill’s smallest and humble park, Crystal Point offers hikers a beautiful view of the Crystal Lake itself. Purchased between the 60’s and 70’s, this park is one of the city's efforts to provide a buffer zone around the lake, as it is one of Haverhill’s main sources of drinking water. Until recently, there used to be a small water treatment plant on the southern end of the lake which provided clean drinking water to nearby homes. Now, water from Crystal Lake is pumped into Kenoza Lake where A larger and more efficient water treatment plant provides all of the city’s water.

Crystal Point has a wide variety of tree species but the two species that dominate most of the park are Red Oak and White Pine. Since the park provides a view of the lake it is very easy to spot waterfowl and other species of birds including birds of prey like the Osprey or Fish Hawk which hunt the fish in the Lake. You may also find signs of beavers nearby or may even catch a glimpse of small rodents like the chipmunk. The lake, like the surrounding areas, was created from the last ice age. As the glaciers moved, they carved out the lake of which many enjoy today.