John's Woods at Tattersall Farm

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 john 1  john 2  John's Woods - northern trail entrance

Location: 755  North Broadway 01832

Area: 66 acres, 1 mile of trail

Parking: Gravel Parking for 12 cars on North Broadway (opposite Lake Street)

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Part of the Tattersall property, John’s Woods is named after the eldest son, John Tattersall, who enjoyed maintaining this section of the farm. Before the Tattersall’s acquisition of the land, this portion of land was the site of an old school house which operated around the 1860 to 1870. The schoolhouse itself no longer remains, but you can see its foundations east of the parking lot. To the west end of the parking lot you can find more foundations. Here was the site of the Chase family house, who owned this property during the mid-1800’s before the Tattersall family bought the land.
The area is home to a wide variety of trees from Red Maple, Black Cherry, and White ash to White pine, Oak, and American Hornbeam. If you look in the vicinity of the old foundations you may run across an early successful forest, where you may find apple trees and various other small trees. Invasive species such as the Japanese Barberry and Winged Euonymus are present here as well. The Low growing bushes found here provide cover for large ground-nesting birds like the Ruffled Goose and Wild Turkey. If you are quiet enough when approaching the field, you may spot White-Tailed deer. Further along the trail, you will find The “Fishin Brook” which provides suitable habitat for the native Brook Trout. Smaller in comparison to larger Brook Trouts found in lakes and major rivers, the Brook Trout here only grows to 3 or 4 inches when mature.