Lake Pentucket Conservation Area (Round Pond)

Bathymetry Map for Lake Pentucket

 Lake Pentucket - DiBartolomeo Park on Lawrence St  Lake Pentucket - Gatehouse on Lawrence St  Lake Pentucket - lake view from Stanley Drive parking area; gatehouse in background

Location: Lawrence St, Concord St, and Stanley Dr 01830

Area: 45 acres, and 1.20 miles of trail

Parking: There are multiple areas to park here. One at the end of stanley drive with fishing boat access, a dirt lot off of concord street near the intersection with Kenoza, and one on concord and Lawrence streets.

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Lake Pentucket is a small lake that lies between Lawrence street and Concord Street. Although it’s size is nothing to boast about, it’s beautiful scenery and history are worth mentioning. Before European colonists first settled here, the lake and the surrounding area was used by the Native Americans to hunt and fish. Later, after the Europeans settled here, the colonists used the lake as a means of obtaining block ice. Up until the invention of the electric refrigerator, people had to cut blocks of ice out of local bodies of water. Ice-houses were built in such lakes, including Pentucket. These buildings were used as a place to store the ice for later use in warmer seasons. Although these buildings no longer remain, their foundation posts are still visible under the surface. When traveling along Lawrence street, you may notice a small windowless brick house very close to the shore. This was once a gatehouse that was part of Haverhill’s early public works project, one of the first in the country. The small building housed a valve that was used to control the flow of water to Main Street in Haverhill. Lake Pentucket was used as the only source of public water for Haverhill from 1802 until 1867.
Although there isn't much land in the park, you can still find a variety of plant life growing around the lake, such as White Pines, Scotch Pines, and River Birch to name but a few. The lake is also a great habitat for various forms of wildlife, like Mallard ducks, Painted Turtles, and Bull Frogs. Those who fish might find Bluegill Sunfish, Pickerel, Stocked Trout, and Largemouth Bass. There is a handicap fishing access in the small park off Lawrence Street and another one off the Stanley Drive parking lot.