Meadow Brook Conservation Area

 medow brook 1  millvale 2  Meadow Brook - icy dam

Location: 183 Millvale Road (pumphouse entrance, near dam) 01830

Area: 253 acres, 5.82 miles of trails

Parking: 1. The paved shoulder opposite the pumphouse on Millvale Road.  2. The signed South Thompson Road entrance off Middle Road.  3. The shoulder of Thompson Road adjacent to the Children of Israel Cemetery.  4. At the gate at the end of Thompson Road off East Broadway.  5. The shoulder of East Broadway by the red gate opposite #505.

 Trail Map
Meadow Brook is an area surrounded by a multitude of neighborhoods and includes the Millvale Reservoir. The reservoir itself was created in the late 19th century to support the growing population of Haverhill, which was around 10,000 by the time of the Civil War.

The park and conservation area play host to various plants and wildlife. White Pine grows in abundance here and can be found on both sides of the reservoir. Poison Ivy can also be found here both on the ground and growing up the trees. There are also a couple of large oak trees next to a vernal pool. The tall pines provide great habitat to birds of prey, specifically owls, such as the Eastern Screech Owl and the Great Horned Owl. Woodpeckers, such as the Red-bellied and Downy, can be found searching for insects in dead and decaying tree trunks. The reservoir, like other bodies of water in the area, is pumped into Kenoza Lake to be used as drinking water for the city. You can also find a dam that was built around the time the reservoir was built.