Riverside Trail at Riverside Park

Riverside Trail - observation platform   river trail 1 river trail 3

Location: 155 Lincoln Avenue 01830

Area: 50 acres and 1.38 miles of trails

Parking: Large paved parking and two additional parking areas off Lincoln Avenue.

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Riverside Park fits the definition of a Public Park almost perfectly. There are a multitude of fields for a variety of activities from sports, predominantly baseball, to other, more leisurely activities. Its most defining feature has to be the stadium which was constructed in 1936 and later improved in 1937. The stadiums construction and the park itself was mainly due to the Works Progress Administration, a federal agency created by President Roosevelt to help America out of the Great Depression. The stadium’s history does not end there however, it was also the place where the New England Patriots played their first exhibition game in 1960, it is also said that professional baseball players such as babe ruth and Lou Gehrig.

With the park being what it is there is not a lot of space for tall trees. Red Oak and Red Maple dominate this park but you may be able to find a couple other species too. The park is right next to the Merrimack River. During the winter months, and if you’re lucky, you may be able to find our national bird, the Bald Eagle, soaring over the river in search of fish and waterfowl to eat. During warmer months, you may be able to spot Turkey Vultures in small groups over the river hunting as well.