Tattersall Farm

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 tattersall 1  tattersall 2  Tattersall Farm - field adjacent to community garden

Location: 542 North Broadway 01832

Area: 150 acres and 2.02 miles of trails

Parking: Large gravel parking beside farmhouse
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Originally owned and operated by the Tattersall family for a majority of the twentieth century. The farm was gifted to the city of Haverhill by the last surviving family member, Mary Alice Tattersall, who died in 1999. She gave the land to the city under the conditions that it be preserved and protected. Although it is not fully functional, Tattersall Farm still grows some crops, and gives visitors a view of what New England may have looked like prior to Manifest Destiny. As you enter the property you will notice the old farmhouse and barn, as well as some farming equipment that was put up for display.

The majority of the property is covered in large fields, some of which are still used for agriculture. Should you continue south along the property, into the wooded area, you will find one of the largest trees on city owned property. A massive Red Oak, about 14’7” in circumference, is a sight to behold. On the property you may find White-tailed deer which take cover in the woods and grass at night. You can also find  Eastern Coyote and Red fox which hunt in the fields for small birds and mammals. The fields also provide a good hunting ground for various species of hawks. There are also nesting boxes that were set up to provide shelter for Bluebirds.