Whittier Birthplace

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 Whittier 1  Whittier 2  Whittier's Birthplace - winter view of house

Location: Whittier Road off Route 110/Amesbury Road 01830

Area: 69 acres and .67 miles of trails

Parking: Right next to the farmhouse

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One of Haverhill’s most historic and iconic sites, this site was the birthplace of the famous quaker and abolitionist poet, John Greenleaf Whittier. Originally acquired by Thomas Whittier in 1688, this small homestead was home to five generations and the poet himself.  The house is still located on its original site and is pretty much the same as when the poet lived there. John Greenleaf Whittier lived here from the day he was born in 1807 until 1836, when he bought his home on Friend Street in Amesbury.  The site is also the setting of one of his most famous poems, “Snow-Bound”.

Other than the sites historic value, it also boasts beautiful scenery. White pine can be found all throughout the site and the large fields provide optimal hunting ground for Red-Tailed Hawks. Other species of trees can also be found on the property such as Pitch Pine, Sugar Maple, and Black Locust. Lots of small mammals can be found in the area such as Cottontail Rabbits and Woodchuck. You may also spot Garter, Milk, Ribbon, or Green snakes here on sunny days. There is also a very slim chance that you may see hummingbirds in the spring, feeding on the nectar from flowers.