Winnekenni Park Conservation Area

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 Winnekenni - castle  Winnekenni - Elk statue by castle  Winnekenni - Kenoza Lake view from Rt 110

Location: 347 Kenoza Ave (Route 110) and Belvidere St for Lake Saltonstall/Plug Pond 01830

Area: 700 acres, 9.42 miles of trails

Parking: Paved parking at Lake Saltonstall/plug pond and the main entrance off route 110 with additional gravel parking at Merrill Park on Kenoza Ave.
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Haverhill’s largest park, Winnekenni, is one of our most popular and well known parks. The park boasts 700 acres and about 9 and a half miles of trails as well as a wide range of activities to enjoy from hiking and biking to more leisurely activities such as tennis and sledding. Originally the park was owned by Dr. James R. Nichols who bought the property in 1861 to experiment with chemical fertilizers. During a trip to England Dr. Nichols became inspired by the countries castles that he decided to create his own to use as a summer home. Construction began on the castle in 1873 and ended two years later in 1875. Another interesting fact about the castle is that when he was constructing the castle, Dr. Nichols used the local glacial boulders that were very common on New England Farms to try to prove to local farmers that the stones they constantly dug up could be used for more than just property lines. In 1895 the castle and the surrounding property was sold to the city of Haverhill and became the city's first public park.

The park is also a prime example of Haverhills’ distinctive glacial drumlins. Clear evidence of glacial movement can be found throughout the park. The park is also home to many different types of greenery from coniferous softwood trees like Hemlock and White pine, to deciduous hardwoods like Red Oak and American Beech. The park also plays host to a diverse range of wildlife such as Canada Geese, Blue Heron, Woodpeckers, as well as a few types of turtles.