How to Report

Call our office at 978-374-2415 or email us at animalcontrol99@verizon.net, please leave detailed information including the address, all calls are anonymous and the caller will never know you contacted us, however we may need more information from you so please leave your contact information as well or call MSPCA Law Enforcement # 1-800-628-5808 - again information will be asked but you will remain anonymous.

Laws and Definition of Neglect. (Found from the MSPCA site)

Animal Cruelty Laws

Overview of Animal Cruelty Laws in Massachusetts. It is unlawful for an owner or custodian of an animal:

To fail to provide an animal with:

  • Proper food and water
  • Shelter or protection from the weather
  • Veterinary attention to reduce or end suffering from disease or injury
  • A sanitary environment
  • To willfully abandon an animal

To carry or cause an animal to be carried in or on a vehicle in a manner that endangers the animal including transport of an improperly secured animal.

To willfully permit an animal to be subjected to unnecessary torture, suffering or cruelty

To Subject, Cause of Procure an animal:

  • To be tortured or tormented
  • To be cruelly killed, beaten or mutilated

To fail to notify the owner or police after striking a dog or cat with a motor vehicle

To use animals as lure or bail in a cruel or inhuman manner

To transport an animal in the back of a motor vehicle unless animal is properly restrained

In November, 2004, animal cruelty, as defined in Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 2732, Section 77, became a felony. Violations may result in a sentence of up to 5 years in state prison, or up to 2.5 years in a county jail and/or a fine of up to $2,500.


How to Report