Coexistence is the key goal of all wildlife departments. Massachusetts is currently losing about 40 acres a day, due to new development. Unfortunately many wild species have started to adapt to urban sprawl. They are finding it easier to just crawl under our sheds and eat from our trash than compete for territory, in there once natural habitat. The more we can educate ourselves on our new neighbors the easier it will be to tolerate these peaceful creatures, which are often deemed nuisance animals.


  • NEVER FEED WILDLIFE! – We might think it is fun to observe them when they come close to dine, but we are doing far more damage than good. Human food is harmful to their systems and can cause many health problems. Once wildlife becomes comfortable with humans, and depend on us for their meals they pose a danger to society. These creatures end up crossing the wrong paths and are considered nuisance animals. At this point they must be removed from the area and often times destroyed.
  • Keep Trash securely covered or indoors – Our trash is their treasure, free easy meals keep wildlife coming back for more. When we provide them with these services we must face the consequences.
  • Feed pets indoors, keep the outdoors free of food! – Pet food is as appetizing to our wild neighbors as it is to our furry family members. Also, use bird feeders with care. Not all the wildlife is interested in the seed feeders hold, some sit waiting for the small creatures they attract.
  • Keep small pets indoors when they are not being supervised! - Many species feed on small animals, or are naturally territorial and may see Fido as a threat. Fido may also see wildlife as a friend and attempt to play with it. For all pets safety let them live inside or penned when alone.
  • Avoid all contact with wildlife! - Most of these animals are more afraid of you than you are of them. It is best to make loud noises to scare them away. When we let wildlife get comfortable being around humans problems start.
  • Report unusual behavior to local animal officials – Wildlife is exposed to and may carry many diseases, including rabies. Any animal acting funny and not seeming fearful of humans should be reported immediately to the police department so an animal specialist can be contacted.

For trapping laws, help removing wildlife which is causing property damage, other advice and information on specific wildlife issues contact: