F. A. Q.’s

Q: Do Officers get paid?

A: No. Officers volunteer their time and receive no financial compensation.

Q: Do Officers have the power of arrest?

A: Yes. Officers have the powers of arrest under limited certain circumstances.

Q: Do Officers carry firearms?

A: Officers may carry a firearm under certain circumstances. 1) you must graduate Reserve Officers Police  Academy 2)  you must complete a six month probationary period  3) you must successfully qualify with the  Haverhill Police Department’s firearms instructor. All firearms to be carried must be approved by the department’s firearm instructor PRIOR to carrying.

Q: How many hours are Officers required to volunteer?

A: Officers are required to volunteer a minimum of 8 hours per month.

Q: Are there mandatory events that Officers need to be available for?

A: Yes. In addition to the 8 hours per month minimum, Officers are needed for 5 mandatory details per year, these mandatory details tend to be the city’s biggest events: i.e.  Christmas Parade, Fourth of July fireworks

Q: When should Officers expect to be needed to volunteer?

A: Most of the details fall on weeknights and weekends.

Q: Does the department provide uniforms and equipment?

A: The department provides the uniform shirt, pants, H.A.P.D. collar pins, a badge, a winter jacket, a rain jacket, and a traffic vest. The department generally doesn’t not provide boots, duty belts and additional uniform items.

Q: Are Officers expected to use their personally owned vehicles for details?

A: Generally not. The H.A.P.D. operates three Dodge Charger police cruisers and utilizes other spare police cruisers when available.  During some of the larger events officers sometimes prefer to drive their personal vehicles to their traffic posts and have their vehicles near but that is not required. Transportation will be provided as needed.