Drainlayer's Information

Hours: 8:00 to 4:00, Monday - Friday
Telephone: 978-374-2335
Fax: 978-373-8475
City Engineer: John H. Pettis III, P.E.
Civil Engineer:
Charles E. Ethier, Jr.
Civil Engineer:
Tara Lynch
Engineering Aides:

Gary Albanese
Billie Anne Stone
Alicia Ruth
Engineering Aides:
Alicia McCracken
Gillian Barlow

Address: Engineering Division
City Hall - Room 300
4 Summer Street
Haverhill, MA 01830-5885


The Engineering Division is the authority that issues the permit required to construct, repair, extend or connect to any sanitary sewer or storm water drain main and any private service that connects thereto. The private service for practical purposes includes all the elbows, adapters, clean-outs, pump chamber, grease trap and pipe that extend from the building foundation to the sewer and/or drain main and the connection component attached thereto. Please note that there exists some regulatory authority overlap that also places the first ten (10) feet outside the building foundation subject to the approval and inspection of the Haverhill Plumbing Inspector via the Massachusetts Plumbing Code. The forms and information available or referred to here are relative exclusively to our regulatory authority.

  • Only individuals that are legally authorized by the City of Haverhill can be issued a permit to perform the sewer and drain activities as mentioned above. The Engineering office maintains a list of Licensed And Bonded Drainlayers that provides all the necessary information to contact these approved contractors.
All of the work performed by the Licensed Drainlayer must be inspected and approved by this office. The inspector also takes measurements (ties) to all components of the installation so that their location can be reproduced for future reference. This valuable information is recorded and made available in the Engineering office. 

When the Licensed Drainlayer performs the installation of a sewer and/or drain main he is additionally required to prepare a report that identifies the location of all laterals connecting to and extending from the main and present it the Engineering office upon completion. Upon submission of the report to the Engineering office the Licensed Drainlayer must arrange to have the various system components tested. All gravity main line segments between the manholes must be pressure tested and pass the requirements. All forced mains must be tested and pass the requirements. All manholes that are installed must be vacuum tested and pass the requirements. An Engineering office inspector must witness all component tests and complete the appropriate form to certify that the test requirements have been met.

The reports and forms referred to above are made available here for your convenience.

Relative to the vacuum, pressure and hydrostatic testing required as noted above, we have prepared a list of local contractors that provide these and associated services (manhole and pipe coring, etc.).

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