Street Sweeping Program

City of Haverhill – Street Sweeping Program
Street Sweeper

The City of Haverhill, Highway Division has begun sweeping publicly owned roads to remove the accumulations of salt, sand and litter from the past winter season.  Streets are swept using a combination of private sweeping contractors and city crews/equipment.  Haverhill has over 424 curb miles within its 34 square mile area and contains over 1,400 streets.

Why is street sweeping important?

Residential street sweeping is a City service that not only beautifies our streets and community by removing litter and debris, but protects our environment and keeps the storm drain system from clogging.  Street sweeping reduces the pollutant load (leaves, pet/animal debris, heavy metals, oils, grease, sediment, etc.) to the MerrimacRiver.  In addition, material removed by street sweeping will not be able to enter drainage pipes thus reducing the amount of flooding during heavy rainfall.

Sweeping Areas

The City is divided into various Sweeping Areas for scheduling purposes.  The goal of the sweeping program is to sweep all the major streets in each of the sweeping areas followed by sweeping on lightly traveled and/or residential streets, when needed.  Major streets would include such roadways as Hilldale Avenue, Main Street, Broadway, North Broadway, Kenoza St, River Street, Water Street, etc.   

It takes several days to sweep each area. It is difficult to determine exactly when a particular street will be swept due to external factors or weather uncertainties that influence the schedule.

On a small number of streets within Haverhill, the City may post temporary “No Parking” signage on these streets at least 48 hours prior to sweeping.  Residents are advised to pay particular attention to these paper postings and move your vehicles accordingly. All vehicles that do not observe the posted no parking signs may be ticketed and/or towed, resulting in significant expense and inconvenience.

During days of inclement weather, or contractor unavailability, street sweeping may not occur, and the work will be delayed for those days.

Click here to view the current Street Sweeping map. 
Click here to view the current Street Sweeping schedule.

Questions regarding street sweeping should be directed to the Department of Public Works, Highway Division at (978) 374-2364.