The City of Haverhill Water/Wastewater Billing Office is responsible for billing, collection and customer service for over 16,000 accounts. 

We are continuing our efforts to improve the collection services we provide to our customers in the most efficient way possible. 

Telephone:     978-374-2370
Address:      4 Summer Street, Room 300

                         Haverhill, MA 01830

Email:              Beth Remmes        

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Water and Wastewater Rates:

  • Water                              $4.15 per 100 cubic feet
  • Wastewater                     $6.55 per 100 cubic feet
  • Fire service                     $400 - $1200 based on service size - see water division fees and charges
  • Sewer-only accounts are billed 23 units (1 unit = 100 cubic feet) quarterly per single family dwelling.

Water/Wastewater Billing Mailing Schedule:

Residential Accounts:                                          

  • February 1st
  • May 1st
  • August 1st
  • November 1st                                                                                           

Billing Policies:
Payment is due in full upon receipt. After 30 days account will be considered past due and will begin to accrue interest at a rate of 14 percent.  Failure to pay water/wastewater bill can result in the disconnection of the account's water service.

All water passing through a meter will be charged to the customer whether used, wasted, or lost by leakage.  Wastewater usage is based on water meter readings except for water used in pools, vegetable gardens (over 600 sq. ft. in size) and outside usage that is metered (outside meters must meet Water Division specifications).

Abatement Board Hearing Application:
You have the right to contest your water/wastewater bill through the Abatement Board Hearing process if a leak is found and has been repaired.  An abatement application form must be completed within 30 days of the bill date, explaining the problem then submitted to the Water Billing Office, Room 300 with receipts of the repair(s) attached. Following receipt of the completed application, you will be notified of the hearing date.

How to Check for Leaks:
Check your meter. Make sure there is no water running. If the small triangle on the face of the meter is spinning, this could indicate a leak.

Toilets are the most common source of leaks.

Dye tablets are available at City Hall in Room 300. Drop a tablet (or food coloring) in the tank of the toilet. Do Not Flush. If the color runs from the tank to the toilet bowl, this indicates a leak.

Leaky toilets waste water and cost you money!

Wastewater Abatements for Outdoor Water Usage: 
Customers may be eligible for a wastewater abatement if water that enters a home or building does not enter the City of Haverhill's sewer system (for example, filling a pool, gardening, an in-ground irrigation system, etc.).  To apply for a wastewater abatement for a pool or garden, complete the appropriate Abatement Application and submit it to the Billing Office for approval.  A deduct meter is required for wastewater abatements for other uses.  Information on deduct meters is included in the Meter Division Section.

Real Estate Transfers: 
Before the closing of purchasing new property, a final water meter reading needs to be done to insure proper billing.  The buyer's attorney must contact the Billing Office at (978) 374-2370 or e-mail Dodi Crowe to schedule the final meter reading prior to closing.  Keys or entry instructions for transfer readings must be left with the Meter Division at 125 Amesbury Road at least one (1) day before the reading date.  The property owner must provide notification of dogs and/or alarm systems. A fee of $60 will be charged for each real estate transfer reading.

Estimated Meter Reading: 
If a meter reader is unable to obtain a meter reading, your bill will show an estimated current meter read based on prior usage history.  If bills are estimated for an extended period of time, the catch-up bill can be in the hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on the length of time that an actual read has not been taken.

Fee for Connection to Sewer System: 
A fee of $1000 per unit for combined sewer overflow (CSO) and a fee of $400 per service for infrastructure will be charged to connect to the municipal sewerage system.  This charge applies to new services only.  The charge shall not apply to replacement services of the same size.  The Engineering Department issues the permits to connect to the sewer system.

Usage Abatement Form Water/Sewer
Vegetable Form Garden Abatement
Pool Abatement Form
Elderly / Low Income Discount Program Application