Carleton St. and North Ave. Sewer Pumping Stations Upgrades

The Haverhill Wastewater Treatment Department funds operations, maintenance, and capital improvement projects through local funding sources from the City of Haverhill.  Additional funding from state and federal agencies such as State Revolving Funds (SRF) are also used for some projects.  To learn more about the SRF Loan Program, click here.

North Avenue and Carleton Street Wastewater Pumping Stations Upgrade Project
Haverhill, Massachusetts
CWSRF # 4156
Contract No. 029.18 

Carleton Street Pumping Station 

The Carleton Street Pumping Station is a duplex flooded suction type station and was constructed in 1972.  This pump station currently provides sewer service to the homes along Carleton Street, including the side streets, and several neighborhoods to the east of Carleton Street, as well as flows from the Peoples Place Pumping Station.  The force main discharges in the gravity sewer on Broadway Street.  In 2016, there was a flooding event due to a valve failure within the dry well, which ruined all the electrical and control equipment within the station, as well as the pump motors. 

 Carleton Street Pumping Station

 North Avenue Pumping Station

 The North Avenue Pumping Station is a flooded suction type station.  This pumping station currently provides sewer service to the homes along Northside Court and Brickett Hill Circle.  The force main connects to gravity sewer on Northside Court.

 North Avenue Pumping Station

 The sewer pumping stations upgrade project stems from recommendations made in the City's Wastewater Pumping Station Evaluation and Capital Improvements (CIP) Report that was completed in August 2016 by the City’s consultant Wright-Pierce.  The contract to complete the construction of the North Avenue and Carleton Street Pumping Station upgrades was awarded to Methuen Construction.  Methuen Construction’s contract start date was August 27, 2018 with an anticipated final completion date of August 27, 2019.

Local funding authorization totaling $8,340,000 was approved by the Mayor and City Council under a loan order in 2017 (Doc 44-c).  This authorized the project to obtain financing and move forward to the construction phase.  This loan order includes other projects too.

This project consists of complete replacement of the existing Carleton Street and North Avenue flooded suction type wastewater pump stations with submersible type stations, including new pumps, piping valves, control panel enclosures, standby generators, concrete wet well and valve pits. 

Construction of the upgrades to the North Avenue and Carleton Pumping Stations is financed by the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF).  The CWSRF program is administered by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection with joint funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Commonwealth of Massachusetts. More information about the CWSRF can be found on the EPA website or the MassDEP website.

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