Phase 3 – 2022 Water and Sewer  Improvements

Phase 3 – 2022 Water and Sewer  Improvements
IFB0 18.22
DWSRF #6889  CWSRF # 6816

Construction of water  improvements along Primrose Street, Smiley Avenue began the week of September 3rd.  Additional sewer separation project for Combine Sewer Overflow (CSO) Locke Street phase 1 has begun. The work also includes repair and replacement of various sewer pipes in the project area. Click here for a map showing the location of the work.

The project is being managed by the City of Haverhill Water and Wastewater Divisions. DeFelice Corporation will be performing the construction. The project will result in better water and sewer service for homes and businesses within the project area and throughout Haverhill. The cost of the construction phase of the project is $16.4 million.

Information about the work – including timelines, possible water and sewer disruptions, and the placement of temporary water bypass lines – is being shared with impacted residents via letters and Everbridge phone contact system.

The work will be completed in approximately 18 months and will be done in phases in such a way as to minimize any disruptions of water and sewer service. It will impact:

  • Primrose Street  from Ninth Avenue to Winter Street water, sewer, drain and sidewalks.
  • Smiley Avenue neighborhood area water and sewer replacement
  • Fourth Avenue, Pentucket Street, Washington Street, Race Street, Moore Street, Maple Street, Green Street, Montclair Road, sewer replacement
  • River Street  Bradley Avenue to Fletcher Street water main replacement

Residents of impacted properties will receive notices in advance of any work that may impact the property. The notices will include names and contact information for Water and Sewer project managers.

The installation of above-ground, temporary water bypass lines is standard procedure whenever existing water mains are being replaced or serviced. Any water service interruption will be kept to a short time frame in order to minimize inconvenience to our customers.

The cost of construction of the water work is $7.4 million and is financed by the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF). The cost of construction of the sewer work is $8.9  million and is financed by the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF).   The DWSRF/CWSRF program is administered by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection with joint funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

DWSRF/CWSRF programs operate around the country to provide states and communities the resources necessary to maintain and improve the infrastructure that protects our valuable water resources nationwide.  More information about the DWSRF can be found on the EPA website or the MassDEP website. CWRSRF  can be found on the EPA website  or MassDEP website

The result of the work will be water mains that will support residential and commercial customers in that section of Haverhill for generations to come.