Telephone:     978-374-2383

Supervisor:     Jesse Middleton

Address:          40 South Porter Street
                           Haverhill, MA 01835

The Wastewater Division operates a wastewater pretreatment program in accordance with City Ordinance Section 208 Article V. The pretreatment program applies to commercial and industrial establishments connected to the City's sewer system. The purpose of the program is to eliminate the discharge of pollutants or wastewater to the City's sewer system that will pass through or interfere with the treatment processes at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Call the Wastewater Treatment Plant at (978) 374-2382 for further information.

The City of Haverhill Pretreatment Program started in 1978.  In 1985 the City’s program became authorized under Federal legislation and fell under EPA guidelines.  The existing program varies little from the original program except where federal limits have been changed by the EPA.  All wet and dry industries, within the boundaries of Haverhill, fall under this program and are subject to the following parameters.

City of Haverhill Industrial Pretreatment Program

The City of Haverhill Wastewater Division has an approved Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP) which gives the City the right to permit, inspect, sample, analyze and enforce the National Pretreatment Standards 403.12 under the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and through the local Sewer Use Ordinance, Chapter 208.

Industrial Permit Application:

Manufacturing companies which fall under the National

Categorical Standards (see-www.epa.gov)                                        -           $500.00

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Commercial Permit Application:

Dry Cleaners, Printing, Photographic, Car Washes,

Dental Offices, Medical and Testing labs, and Machine shops.        -           $200.00

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Food Processing Permit Application:

Restaurants, Commercial Kitchens, Fast Food Establishments,

Donut Shops, School Kitchens, Nursing Home Kitchens, and

Food Processing Companies.                                                               -           $200.00

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Vehicle Maintenance Permit Application:

Vehicle Maintenance Garage, Auto Body & Collision Shops             -           $200.00

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Sanitary Permit Application

All other commercial and retail with bathrooms only.                            -           $50.00

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All permits are good for five (5) years after which they must be reapplied for 60 days in advance.

The property or business owner must fill out the required permit application in all cases.