The Wastewater Collection System is responsible for the City's sewer lift stations, sewer mains, responding to resident request pertaining to service stoppages, other City infrastructure, and cleaning catch basins.  The City of Haverhill owns and operates the wastewater collection system that conveys wastewater to the treatment plant, which is located on the southern shore of the Merrimack River.  Portions of this collection system have been in service since the late 1800's and portions convey both stormwater and wastewater.

 Your Sewer Service:  Each property is required to have a separate sewer service. Your service extends from its connection to the sewer main in the street to the plumbing in your house.  As the property owner you are responsible for maintaining your service in good working order at your expense.  Connections of roof downspouts, exterior foundation drains, areaway drains or other sources of surface water runoff or groundwater to your sewer service are prohibited.

 Service Area:  Haverhill's wastewater collection system currently conveys sanitary flow from approximately (9260 acres) and stretches for a total length of over 987,360 feet.  Separate drainage area (5,551 acres) combine drainage area (1,703); some sections of Haverhill are separate but are connected to combine sewer (2006 acres).

The piping network consists of gravity pipe ranging in size from 8 to 72-inches in diameter and force mains ranging in size from 4 to 42-inches.  Approximately 35 percent of the service area has combined sewers.  However, nearly 50 percent of the existing pipe in Haverhill conveys both sanitary flow and stormwater.  The majority of the combined portion of the collection system is located in the older, more densely populated downtown area, along the Merrimack River.  Areas further north or south of the Merrimack River tend to be newer and generally include separate sanitary and storm sewers.

 There are fifty-one (51) areas (sewer sheds) tributary to the Haverhill interceptor system. A breakdown of combined, separate, and undetermined sewer lengths for the entire city is presented below.

  •  Combined Sewers: 51 miles  269,280 linear feet
  •  Separated Sewers:  135 miles 712,800 linear feet

The Wastewater Collection system is responsible for cleaning stormwater catch basins throughout the City. If you have a catch basin that is clogged and creating a flooding problem call us at (978)374-2382.


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