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Address:         125 Amesbury Road, Haverhill, MA 01830-2801

Water Maintenance is responsible for operating, maintaining and repairing the water distribution system; installing new water mains, implementing the backflow prevention program; reviewing plans for new water mains and services; approving new water service applications; and maintaining records of the distribution system.

The distribution system is the network of pipes and the associated fittings, valves, hydrants and appurtenances that transports water throughout the City.  Most of the distribution system is located within the city street right-of-ways.  A small percentage is located in cross-country easements. 

Water is pumped into the distribution system from the water treatment plant on Kenoza Lake. The distribution system includes approximately 235 miles of pipe that range in size from 2-inch up to 36-inch.  Pipe materials include unlined cast iron, lined cast iron, ductile iron, transite, and PVC.  Pressures and storage throughout the system are maintained by three concrete storage tanks and 5 booster pumping stations throughout the City.  The pumping stations operate to fill storage tanks and/or pressurize separate high pressure zones.

Your Water Service:
Your water service extends from its connection to the main in the street up to and including your meter; yours is the only property being serviced by that line.  As the property owner, you are responsible for maintaining your water service in good working order, at your expense. Even though it is your service, the city must perform any required work in order to maintain records not only for you, but also for any future owners.  When a service pipe leaks, it is essential that it be fixed properly and correctly.  The results of water service pipe leaks can be destructive as well as pose health risks.

Water Service Termination:
Your water service may be terminated if your bill is past due, your plumbing contains an illegal cross connection, a meter reader has not been permitted to enter your home or business to obtain an actual meter read, a Water Division representative has not been allowed to inspect the plumbing or inspect/install a meter, or you fail to repair a leak in your service or plumbing.

The Water Division may enter properties served by the City's water distribution system to conduct surveys and inspections for cross connections and potential cross connections within the property.

The Water Division will shut off a water service without prior notice to eliminate a cross connection or backflow condition where contaminants or pollutants are suspected to be a threat to public health.  The water service shall remain shut off until the cross connection or backflow connection is eliminated, or the condition is remedied, at the owner's expense, and the remedial work is approved by the Water Division.

Hydrant Permit:
Hydrant permits are available when water is not available from another source.  The usage will be metered and the permittee billed for the water plus a fee of $30.00 fee for the use of the hydrant.  A refundable deposit of $300.00 is required for the meter and backflow equipment. The meter and backflow equipment must be returned to the Water Division for reading and billing purposes.  To obtain a Hydrant Permit or for more information, contact the Water Division at (978) 374-2368.

Water Service Application:
Water Service Applications forms are now available online, click here

Applicant must complete the Water Service Application form and sign where appropriate. Once signed, scan and upload the form onto the ViewPoint portal and we will receive an email.  
You may also obtain a paper copy at the Water Billing Office, City Hall, 4 Summer Street, Room 300 or at the Water Maintenance Office at 125 Amesbury Road. You can also return the completed and signed Water Service Application directly to Water Maintenance Office at 125 Amesbury Road.

Note:  Document is to be scanned with page 1 and page 2, in color with a resolution of 300 dpi to ensure it is readable by Water Department.

If you have any questions, please call 978-374-2368.