Telephone:        978-373-8487

Contact:             John Donahue

Address:            125 Amesbury Road
                              Haverhill, MA 01830-2801

The Meter Division is responsible for reading approximately 14,000 residential meters twice per year, 2,000 commercial and industrial meters four times per year, and all billing rereads.  All billing readings are continually verified while maintaining an error rate of less than 1%.  We perform about 1,400 real estate transfer readings and inspections per year.

We are responsible for the installation, changing, maintenance and repair of all remote reading devices.  We perform all deduct meter inspections as well as the activation of all new residential and commercial water services.

We are currently involved with a radio read pilot program which involves the latest available technology.  Our goal is to read all meters in the most efficient manner possible and to have our readings and bills be as accurate as possible.

Remote Reading Devices:
About 90 percent of our system's meters are equipped with remote reading devices on the exterior of the building. This allows the meter reader to obtain an actual reading without entering the building and helps avoid the issuance  of estimated bills.  If you do not have a remote reading device, call the Meter Division at (978) 373-8487 to schedule an appointment to have one installed.  There is no charge for this service.

Please call the Meter Division at (978) 373-8487 prior to having your house or building sided so the Meter Division can relocate the remote reading device.  The Meter Division will relocate the device at no charge.

Request a Meter Test:
If you suspect your meter is inaccurate you can request the Meter Division have it tested.  The request must be in writing to the Meter Division, 125 Amesbury Road, Haverhill, MA 01830.  The fee for a meter test is $50.00 for 1-inch and smaller meters.  If a test shows the meter tests fast or is not within the limits of American Water Works Association (AWWA) standards, the meter test fee will be refunded.  The accuracy of our meter test bench is certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Division of Standards.

Deduct Meter for Wastewater Bill Abatement:
To qualify for an abatement on your wastewater bills for in-ground irrigation systems and other uses not entering the City's sewer system requires a deduct meter.  The deduct meter is read and the customer is given a wastewater credit for the amount of water registered on the deduct meter.  Deduct meters must be inspected and approved by the Meter Division before an abatement is given.  To apply for a deduct meter you must complete and submit a Water Service Application available at the Water Maintenance Office.  Call the Meter Division at (978) 373-8487 for additional information on deduct meters.