The Haverhill Public Works Department would like to provide our residents and visitors to the City with the best possible service with respect to clearing our streets of snow and ice.  Here are a few suggestions you can follow to help us do our job:

  • Don’t drive unnecessarily in a storm especially during severe snowstorms and freezing rain.
  • If a storm is anticipated, remove vehicles from the roadside shoulders. This allows our snow plows to clear the area the first time through, making return trips unnecessary.
  • Do not shovel or blow snow into the road or have your driveway plowed into the road.  This can cause a serious traffic hazard and is forbidden by City Code Section 216-4.
  • Help reduce the possibility of a broken mailbox post.  Plow operators are urged to take precautions to avoid hitting mailbox posts; however, experience has shown that reduced visibility during a storm makes it difficult for a driver to see a post in time to avoid striking it or pushing it over with plowed snow.  Any installation within the right-of-way, including a mailbox, is placed there at the owner’s risk.  Therefore, residents are encouraged to install mailboxes at the maximum usable distance from the edge of the roadway.  Posts should also be checked for deterioration to reduce the possibility that the weight of the plowed snow may simply break the post.
  • Keep basketball devices at least 10 feet from the edge of pavement and do not park cars in driveways within 10 feet of edge of pavement. Do not allow children to build and occupy “snow forts” and similar creations within 10 feet of the edge of pavement.
  • Don’t be misled by City plow trucks travelling down streets with their plows raised; they may be:
    • Returning for fuel or vehicle service; or
    • Returning to the maintenance yard for additional treatment material; or
    • Responding to a call to assist Emergency Services, i.e.:
  • Avoid calling municipal offices during a storm for routine matters. Personnel are extremely busy dealing with storm conditions.  It is best to keep the telephone lines clear for emergencies.
  • Please keep your front walkways and sidewalks clear in the event emergency personnel need to get to your door. Emergency personnel, mail carriers, school children and pedestrians count on your help keeping their walkway safe. 

What do I do if I see a sidewalk that needs to be cleared?
Talk to your neighbor. Some people need help or don’t know about the rule. Neighbors helping neighbors is an important part of our community and an easy way to fix the problem.

Clearing Fire Hydrants
The City also has over 2,000 fire hydrants and could use your help in shoveling them out.  Fire personnel work to clear as many of these hydrants as possible but your assistance with this effort will help keep you and your neighbor’s safe in the event of a fire.  Better yet, adopt your neighborhood fire hydrant and keep it clear of snow and ice.

Overnight Winter Parking
Please be advised that the City of Haverhill's overnight winter parking ordinance is in effect November 15th through April 1st.   Parking is allowed as follows:
Due to the timing of the recent snow storm, parking will remain on the ODD side of the road for the month of FEBRUARY 2022 .

  • Beginning November 15th at 6:00 pm: EVEN numbered side of street
  • Continuing through December: EVEN numbered side of street
  • Beginning January 1st at 6:00 pm: ODD numbered side of street
  • Beginning February 1st at 6:00 pm: EVEN numbered side of street
  • Beginning March 1st at 6:00 pm: ODD numbered side of street

Violators are subject to a $25.00 fine and towing of motor vehicle.

Snow Emergency Parking
If a snow emergency is declared by the Mayor, no parking is allowed on the following snow emergency routes:

Name of Street



Emerson Street


Entire length

Essex Street


Entire length

Main Street


From Merrimack Street to Monument Square

Merrimack Street


Entire length

River Street


From County Bridge to View Street

Washington Street


From Washington Square to County Bridge

Water Street


From Main Street to Mill Street

White Street


Entire length

Winter Street


Entire length

How do I find out if the City has declared a “Snow Emergency”?
Watch the local news and newspapers for announcements. Check the City public TV access channel (9).  Visit the city’s website at  www.ci.haverhill.ma.us

What if my car is towed during a Snow Emergency?
All cars will be towed to the city’s impound lot. Contact the Haverhill Police Department at (978) 373-1212 for more information.

Vehicle owner must pay:

  • $90 tow fee
  • $5 State mandated gas surcharge
  • $25 City tow charge
  • $20 Storage fee any part of the day - Per 24 hour period

Post Snow Fall – Parking Lots Clean-up
After snow plowing operations cease, if the snow fall exceeds 3-4 inches and depending on future weather forecasts, Highway crews will remove snow from the City owned parking lots in the Downtown area.  To allow for proper notification to parking lot users, the City will post signs at the entrance of the parking lots alerting parkers that snow removal operations will commence. 

Snow removal is done typically two to three days after the snow storm abates.  The lots specified for snow removal include:

  • Washington Street next to the Post Office
  • Wingate Street Parking Lot
  • Essex Street @ Locust Street

Together these lots contain over 200 parking spaces.  It is recognized that even temporary closure of the parking lots creates inconvenience for users of the lots; however the snow and ice must be removed to facilitate safe driving and walking conditions in these lots.  This work will typically be done in the early morning hours to minimize impacts to businesses and residents.   Each of the lots will be closed no longer than 3-4 hours to allow for snow removal to occur.  During the lot closure, users of these lots can park either at the parking lot behind the Tap restaurant, Moulton Way lot, or in the lot behind the Haverhill Beef store.


You must protect your internal plumbing from freezing and causing water damage to your property. Local and national Meteorologists are predicting that over the next 2 to 3 weeks we will be experiencing temperatures lower than we have seen in this area in the last three years.

Even without the wind-chill factored in, the low temperatures in the up-coming seven days alone are expected to be 0 degrees on 2-3 days and even -3 degrees on another. The following two weeks will be very similar.

To help insure that your internal plumbing does not freeze it is recommended that you use heat tape and/or pipe insulation on your internal plumbing. It is also recommended you insure there are no drafts at your meter or along any of your internal plumbing. Also, make sure you have no cracked or broken windows.

If none of the above is at issue and you still have problems it is suggested that you leave the cold water faucet furthest away from your water meter “trickling”, especially at night because everyone is trying to save on energy bills. This “trickle” should be very slow, but constant, not intermittent. Moving water is less likely to freeze.

NOTE: You need not think your water/wastewater bill will increase considerably. We charge you “per 100 cubic feet”. 100 cubic feet is equal to 748 gallons of water. Therefore, we only charge you after you have used the equivalent of 748 gallons.

If the ice isn't safe for outdoor skating, try our indoor Veteran's Skating Rink behind the Haverhill High School.   As part of the Mayor's Haverhill Skates Program, we offer family skating Monday to Wednesday 1:15 to 3:15. $3 for adults and $1 for children.

If the weather stays cold enough, we will offer free outdoor rink skating at Riverside Park as part of the Mayor's Haverhill Skates program.

Winnekini is a great place to go sledding and tobogganing. Tattersall Park, Riverside park and Winnekini Park are good places to go cross country skiing.  Bradford Ski Slopes is a private area which, for a charge, offers a snow board park, and downhill skiing, with both group and private lessons.