Fee Schedule

For all commercial projects please contact our office directly for pricing.

Fees on this page are for Residential Only:

If you do not see an item on this list please contact office for clarification of pricing.


 New House/New Residential Dwelling Unit with 100 Amp Service                                         Total Fee $250.00

 New House/New Residential Dwelling Unit with 200 Amp Service                                        Total Fee $250.00

 New House with/New Residential Dwelling Unit 400 Amp Service                                        Total Fee $250.00

Dwelling Units/Remodel Each Unit                                                    $125.00

Residential Additions                                                                              $125.00

 Minimum Electrical Permit                                                      $20.00

 1-10 Devices                                                                                             $25.00

Additional devices                                                                                    $  1.00

 All appliances for remodel/alterations                                               $20.00 each

 100 Amp Service Change includes 1 meter                                         $40.00

 200 Amp Service Change includes 1 meter                                         $60.00

 Additional Meters                                                                                     $15.00 each

 All Sub-panels ½ price of service for each panel up to 400A

 Oil or Gas Heating Systems                                                                   $50.00

Base Board Heaters                                                                                  $20.00

Water Heaters                                                                                            $20.00

 Swimming Pools (Above Ground)                                                        $50.00

 Swimming Pools (In-Ground)                                                               $75.00

 Smoke Detectors                                                                                      $50.00

Fire Alarm System                                                                                    $50.00

Security System (Residential)                                                                $50.00

Siding                                                                                                          $50.00

Solar Panel Installation                                                                          $75.00

Bathroom Vent Fans                                                                                $20.00

Septic Pumps                                                                                             $50.00

Residential Generator                                                                              $50.00