City Clerk
Birth Certificates
Board of Registrar of Voters - Elections
Calendar of Community Meetings
City Clerk Fee Schedule
Dog Licenses information
Hunting and Fishing License - no longer available at City Hall - can be obtained online or at Methuen Walmart
Marriage License

Assessors Office

Important dates to Property Owners
Questions about Revaluation

What Bid Laws does Haverhill follow?

How do I find out about upcoming bids?

How do I get on a list of bidders?

Treasurer's Office
What is a Municipal Lien Certificate?

What do I need to provide when requesting a Municipal Lien Certificate?

How long will it take to get a Municipal Lien Certificate?

How much does it cost?

To whom are checks made payable?

Where can I find information on Mass. Fish and Wildlife laws?

How do I go about registering my boat, snowmobile or A.T.V. or to learn about safety classes?

What should I do if I see someone breaking environmental laws such as illegal dumping, fish and game violations or abusing public lands?

I enjoy Haverhill's lakes, trails, conservation areas and parks. What can I do to help out?

How can I join the Haverhill Conservation Commission?

What is a wetland?

What types of "resource areas" does a Conservation Commission protect under the Wetlands Protection Act?

What does a Conservation Commission protect under the Rivers Protection Act?

What does the Conservation Commission protect under the City's wetlands protection ordinance?

What is the Stormwater Management Policy?

Why do we protect all these "resource areas"?

How do I know if an area is a wetland resource area?

What is a buffer zone?

How do I know if my project requires the review of the Commission?

What is and is not allowed in a wetland resource area?

Do I need a permit to put a dock in the Merrimack River?

What can I do to help maintain the health of wetland resource areas

Health & Inspectional ServicesPlumbing, Gas & Electrical
Is a building permit required for a pool? shed? fence? deck?

As a homeowner, can I obtain my own building permit?

Do I need a building permit to remodel on the inside of my home?

How much does a building permit cost?

How long are building permits good for?

Can I do my own plumbing and gas work?

How long is a plumbing permit good for?

Can I do my own electrical work?

Are electrical permits required for repairs or alterations?

How long is an electrical permit good for?

When do I need a rental permit?

Whom do I call if my trash or recycling is not picked up?

Whom do I call if I have concerns or complaints about the conditions of my apartment?

Highway Department

What days can I drop off grass & leaves at the recycling center?

How much does the compost cost?

Do you have sand in the winter that the City's residents can pick up?

How do I get my street repaved?

How do I get a tree trimmed or a dead tree removed?

How do I get a catch basin cleaned out or deodorized?

Whom do I call to repair a street light?

Whom do I call for sanding and plowing requests?

How do I get a missing street sign installed?