Mayor's Office
Application for Appointment to City Board, Committee or Commission

Application for Abatement
Motor Vehicle Excise Tax Abatement
Form of List
Application for Statutory Exemption

City Clerk

Banner Application
Blanket Vendor permit (for events)Birth Certificate
Business Certificate
Census Form
City Council Public Participation Form
Death Certificate
Dog License
Door to Door Hawker Peddler's Application- you now apply for this at the Police Station
Exterior Vending Machine Application
Handicap Parking Sign Application
Marriage Certificate
Register to Vote
Pollworker Application
Raffle and Bazaar - Please see directions for important information
           Directions for Raffle and Bazaar permit  - Please read before filing application
           General information - raffles/bazaars
           Example Packet
           Raffle and Bazaar application - Need three original applications - both pages
           Notice of Issuance - "Little Green Form"
           Annual report form for Raffle and Bazaar permit - Need two original reports- both pages
Road Race permit application - you now apply for this at the Police Station
Sign Permit Application
Street Performer Permit Application
Taxi Driver Application
Community Development
CDBG Application

Conservation Commission
Local Ordinance Free Calculation Form

Economic Development and Planning
Board of Appeals Application
Procedure for Form A - (ANR) Plans

Engineering Department
Drainlayer Application
Street Opening Permit Application
Street Opening Permit Manual

Fire Department
Fire Hydrant Service Request Form

Health & Inspectional Services
Permit application for below listed permits:
Body Art Establishment Application
Body Art Practioner Application
New Residential Construction Permit
Repair or Renovate Residential Construction Permit
Dumpster Permit
Electrical Work Permit
Food Establishment Permit
Foundation Permit
Horse Stabling Permit
Gas Fitting Permit
Mobile Food Permit
Commercial/Industrial Building Permit
Occupancy Permit Checklist
Percolation and Observation
Piggery/Keeping of Pigs Permit
Plumbing Permit
Sanitary Wastewater Discharge Permit
Sit Plan Filing Process
Sewer Discharge Permit
Temporary Food Permit
Waste Haulers Permit
Well and Pump Permit
Zoning Approval Form Business Certificate

Highway Department
Graffiti Clean Up Request Form
Plow and/or Sanding Request Form
Pothole Repair Request Form
Memorial Bench Application Form
Memorial Tree Application Form

Human Resource
Application and Background Authorization Form

License Commission
License to Store Towed Vehicles
Entertainment License
Application One Day Liquor License

Outdoor Dining License

Common Victualler Application
Common Victualler Renewal
Motor Vehicle Dealer License Application
Motor Vehicle Dealer Renewal
Information on Liquor License Applications
Carry In License

Parks and Recreation
Recreation Registration Form
Parent Manual for Summer Programs

Police Department Forms

Treasurer's Office

Education & Scholarship Fund Donation Form

Veterans' Memorial Skating Rink
Ice Time Request Form

Billing Office
Vegetable Garden Abatement Application
Pool Abatement Application
Usage Abatement Form Water/Sewer
Elderly/Low Income - Water/Wastewater Discount Program Application

Wastewater Division
Request for Catch Basin Cleaning