Mobile Food Permit



Mobile food operations not equipped with an adequate water and waste water system to facilitate hand-washing and the cleaning and the sanitizing of utensils shall be limited to the preparation and service of hot-dogs, pre-packaged foods and the sale of prepackaged food prepared at a licensed food processing plant or at a licensed food establishment for which he or she holds a permit in (590.09B2).

Mobile food operations equipped with an adequate water and waste water system to facilitate hand-washing and the cleaning and the sanitizing of utensils may prepare potentially hazardous foods requiring limited preparation for immediate service (590.009 B3).

FOOD SOURCE _______________________

������������������������������(Name of approved source)

����������� Bulk foods must be purchased from an approved source.

����������� Potentially Hazardous Foods must be sold the same day purchased.��������

LICENSED ESTABLISHMENT ________________________

�������������������������������������������������������(Name of establishment and copy of license)����

����������� Advanced food preparation must be conducted by the mobile operator in a licensed

����������� food establishment.

����������� Mobile operation shall operate from a fixed, licensed establishment or processing ������� plant.



����������� Designate clearly on plan equipment location; refrigeration, hot-holding,

����������� hand-wash sink and sink for cleaning and sanitizing utensils.�

����������� Mobile operations which cook food for hot holding shall be fully enclosed.

����������� Effective shields shall provided when necessary to prevent consumers from

����������� contaminating food.���




����������� Submit a copy with application.

1.�������� Will raw meats, poultry and seafood be stored in the same refrigerators with cooked/ready-to-eat foods? Yes / No

����������� If yes, how will cross-contamination be prevented?

����������� __________________________________________________________________

����������� __________________________________________________________________

����������� __________________________________________________________________

2.�������� Does each refrigerator have a thermometer? Yes / No

����������� Number of refrigeration units:_____


3.�������� COOKING: Will food product thermometers be used to measure final cooking/reheating temperatures ofPHF�s? Yes / No

4.�������� HOT/COLD HOLDING: How will hot PHF�s be maintained at 140 F or above during holding for service? Indicate

����������� ____________________________________________________________������_____

����������� __________________________________________________________________


5.�������� How will hot PHF�s be maintained at 40 F or below during holding for service?

����������� __________________________________________________________________

����������� __________________________________________________________________

6.�������� PREPARATION: Will disposable gloves, utensils or food grade paper be used to prevent� handling of ready-to-eat foods? Yes / No


����������� Explain:__________________________________________________________

7.�������� SANITATION: How will cooking food contact surfaces which cannot be submerged in ��� sinks or put through a dishwasher be sanitized?

����������� Chemical Type:_______________

����������� Concentration: _______________

����������� Test Kit: Yes / No

8.�������� What is the procedure for manual cleaning?

����������� __________________________________________________________________

����������� __________________________________________________________________

����������� __________________________________________________________________

9.�������� HAND-WASHING: Is hand cleanser and paper towels available at each sink? Yes / No