Be a Poll Worker


The City of Haverhill needs poll workers for the upcoming elections. 

Poll Workers must be at their assigned polling place at 6:30 AM and must stay until all tasks are completed (typically a 14-16 hour day with a two-hour break for lunch and to vote).  All potential Poll Workers are required to attend a training session.   

Poll Worker Duties

Warden & Clerk- Work together to supervise poll workers before the polls open, during the election, and while the ballots are processed. Ensure that required materials are available and posted in proper places, assign other election officers to stations and designate the schedule for breaks, meals, and voting.  Responsible for the completion of all forms, the handling of provisional and challenged ballots, and ensuring that voters omitted from the voter’s list are handled properly.  Keep the record of all facts relating to the proceedings of the election and record the ballot box register before and after the election.  Work together to prove the election.  

Pay: $170 (for Election Day) + $5 (lunch) + $15 (for attending training session) = $190

Inspector- Assigned to either the check-in area at the entrance to the voting area or is stationed at the check-out table.  Checks off and announces the names of voters as they come in and leave.  Demonstrates proper voting procedure to the voter and assists the Warden & the Clerk (as needed) in proving the election and closing up the polling place.  

Pay: $150 (for Election Day) + $5 (lunch) + $15 (for attending training session) = $170

If you are interested in working as a poll worker, please fill out the form below.  You can either email or drop off in Room 118, Haverhill City Hall.

Thanks for your interest in serving our city!  

Poll Worker Application