Nomination Papers

Nomination Papers
Nomination papers for the 2023 municipal elections will become available on Monday May 1st, 2023. Papers must be returned to the City Clerk's office no later than Tuesday July 25th, 2023 for certification. 

Candidates running for mayor or City Council at-large need to obtain at least 50 certified signatures from registered voters within the city of Haverhill.

Candidates running for ward City Council or School Committee need to obtain at least 25 certified signatures from registered voters within their ward. 

Nomination Papers Pulled as of May 30, 2023
Name Office Sought
Yonnie Collins School Committee - Ward 6
Alexander Veras City Council - Ward 1
Michael Morales City Council - Ward 5
Lynette Hickey School Committee - Ward 5
Ken Quimby Jr. City Council - Ward 4
George Eleftheriou Mayor
Debra Campanile Mayor
Katrina Hobbs Everett City Council - Ward 2
Fred Simmons City Council - At Large
Melinda E. Barrett Mayor
Shaun Toohey City Council - Ward 5
Toni Sapienza Donais  School Committee - Ward 2
Timothy J. Jordan City Council - At Large
Michael S. McGonagle City Council - Ward 6
Oliver Aguilo City Council - Ward 6
Catherine Rogers City Council - Ward 7
Jill Story School Committee - Ward 5
Thomas J. Sullivan City Council - At Large
Melissa J. Lewandowski City Council - Ward 4
Thomas Grannemann School Committee - Ward 7
Carmen Garcia King City Council - Ward 2
Devan Ferreira City Council - Ward 3
Scott Wood, Jr. Mayor
Ralph T. Basiliere City Council - Ward 1
John Michitson City Council - At Large