Frequently Asked Questions

 Frequently Asked Questions about the Census

Q: Can I tell if I am registered to vote using the Census? 
A: There will be an asterisk  "*" next to your name.
  • You cannot register to vote using the annual census form.
  •  If you wish to register to vote you can do so in person at the City Clerk's Office, online by clicking here, at the Registry of Motor Vehicles or by mailing in a Voter Registration Form to the Haverhill City Clerk's Office.
 Q: What if there are no changes on my census - everything printed on the form is correct and up to date? 
 A: If there are no changes needed to be made, please sign and date your form on the line provided at the bottom of the form and return it to the Clerk's office. You can also sign it and scan to us to  This is ONLY if there are NO changes to your census information.

 Q: The address listed on the census is incorrect, can I change it?
 A: If the entire household has moved within or outside of Haverhill, clearly write the new address in the space provided. Please note that residents within the household who are registered voters must provide their original signature to process any changes, including a new address.

If an individual resident has moved they can change their address via the census but REMEMBER, they must provide their original signature on one of the provided lines. They can also send a signed letter to the City Clerk's Office stating that they moved.

If you need a census form, you can click here.