Dog License renewal forms will be included with this year's census or you can order online (there was a mistake on the dog registration information included in the census- it is for year 2021 - feel free to use this form anyway)- see following information:

Dog License renewals begins March 1, 2021
We accept dog license and renewal applications online, by mail or in person. We must have the following information before issuing the dog license:

  1. Dog license application: click here
  2. A current rabies certificate from veterinarian with date of expiration of current rabies inoculation.
  3. If dog is spayed or neutered, certification from veterinarian.

If these documents are not presented to us, we will not be able to process your application.

All documentation can be emailed to
Online Payment can be done through the following links:

New dog licenses - unaltered
New dog licenses - spayed/neutered
Renewal licenses - unaltered
Renewal licenses - spayed/neutered

Once we have received your application, documentation and payment, we will mail you your license and tag.  

If your dog is deemed potentially dangerous by Animal Control, there is an additional fee of $25.
If your dog is deemed dangerous, the additional fee is $50.
Licensing for service dogs and kennels must be done in office.

A dog license may be obtained in the City Clerk's office. The fee is $15.00 for a neutered or spayed dog and $20.00 for a male or female dog.

  • Mail in Dog license request form (.pdf)
  • Every dog 3 months old or older must be licensed.
  • A current rabies certificate must be provided unless an updated certificate is on file in the City Clerk's office.
  • All outstanding dog fees must be paid before a dog can be relicensed.
  • Leash Law - No dog is permitted to run 'at large' at any time.
  • There is a fine for impoundment of dogs when picked up 'at large.'
  • Licenses are valid for one year to May 31 of the following year - late fines accrue starting June 1.
  • Pollution prevention of Pet Waste 
Annual License Fee: 
Male $20.00 Neutered Male $15.00
Female $20.00 Spayed Female $15.00


Late Fines:
Dogs Licensed after May 31st $10.00 additional
Dogs Licensed after June 30th $15.00 additional
Dogs Licensed after July 31st $25.00 additional

Click here for dog licensing ordinance.

Dog Citations:

Recently, residents who have unlicensed dogs have been receiving citations.  The question has arisen as to how Animal Control and the Police Department become aware of these unlicensed dogs.  According the Massachusetts CMR 330:300, veterinarians required to forward copies of rabies certificates to the City Clerk’s office.  We enter the updated information into our system and then forward to the Police Chief who in turn forwards the information to Animal Control. Notated on these certificates is whether the listed dog is in our system or not.  Animal Control then issues citations from the vet certificates to the owners of unlicensed dogs.

 "330.300: Certificate of Vaccination A certificate of vaccination must be completed in triplicate by the vaccinating veterinarian. The original copy shall be filed by the vaccinating veterinarian within 30 days with the clerk of the city or town where the dog is licensed, one copy of to be provided to the owner of the dog, and one shall be retained by the vaccinating veterinarian. The certificate shall be either the certificate recommended in the latest Compendium of Animal Rabies control published by the national Association of state Public Health veterinarians or a certificate containing at least the following information: the owner’s name and address; a description of the animal, including breed, sex, age, name and distinctive markings; date of vaccination; rabies vaccination tag number; type of rabies vaccine used; route of vaccination; expiration date of the vaccine; and the vaccine lot number.”