The License Commission issues and oversees all alcohol licenses issued in the City of Haverhill.  

Package Stores (Section 15 Licenses)
Massachusetts limits package stores by population and our City's quota is 26.  We currently have 26 package active stores in the City--13 wine and malt & 13 all alcohol--they are all active.  Currently, there are no package store licenses available.  Currently, the way to get a package store license is to have a current owner transfer their license to a new owner.  

Pouring Licenses  (Section 12 Licenses)--Restaurant/General on premises/Taverns/Clubs
Unlike Section 15 Licenses, Haverhill is not restricted by a quota on section 12 licenses, our number is unlimited.  We are however, limited by Ordinance to how many all alcohol restaurants we can have--70.  At this time we are below quota and we are accepting applications for new licenses. 

If you are interested in applying for a Pouring License (Section 12 License) please click here for general instructions and information.