Yard Sales


Social distancing, wearing of masks, and touching of merchandise to the minimum

This weekend's Yard Sales!

One is required to have a permit for a yard sale in the City of Haverhill.  There is no cost for Churches.  For all others, the fee is $5.00 per day and the limit is 2 consecutive days per yard sale and 2 yard sales per address per calendar year.  

A permit can be obtained in person during normal business hours, or by payment online. As we forward the list of all yard sale permits to the Police Department by 4pm on Friday, be sure you come in and get your permit before that time or order at least 2 days ahead when ordering online. Make sure to order online by Thursday AM for a weekend yardsale, so that we may issue your yard sale permit in a timely manner for you to receive via email. If you do not have a permit in your possession, you may be subject to a fine.

§ 204-1. License required; notification of Police Department.

Any person, business, association, organization, corporation or other similar institution, including nonprofit entities, may conduct a flea market, garage sale or yard sale on any premises lawfully designated by securing a license from the City Clerk, who shall notify the Police Department of the issuance of all licenses.

§ 204-2. Restrictions.

A. Flea markets, yard sales and garage sales shall be limited to the following: no more than two sales for two consecutive days within a twelve-month period for each address or location, with the exception of City-sponsored flea markets for the period from May 1 through September 30.
[Amended 2-22-1994 by Doc. 28]
B. One rain date shall be allowed for inclement weather.
[Amended 2-24-1981 by Doc. 42]
C. Multifamily and apartment buildings shall be considered as a single address or location.
D. Antiques, secondhand articles, handmade articles, used household articles and the like shall be the only articles sold at a flea market, yard sale and garage sale. New merchandise shall not be allowed for sale.

§ 204-3. Fees; exemption.

A. The fee for a flea market license shall be $75 per permit.
[Amended 2-22-1994 by Doc. 28; 7-10-2007 by Doc. 76]
B. The fee for a yard or garage sale shall be $5 per day.
[Amended 4-7-1981 by Doc. 62; 7-10-2007 by Doc. 76]
C. Churches of the City of Haverhill shall be exempt from the registration fee.
D. City-sponsored flea markets shall be exempt from registration fees.
[Added 2-22-1994 by Doc. 28]

§ 204-4. Exceptions.

This chapter shall not pertain to flea markets held only within a business building and shall be licensed and considered the same as a business selling new or used articles and shall comply with any other applicable rules or regulations.

§ 204-5. Violations and penalties.

Any neglect and/or refusal to comply with any of the provisions of this chapter shall constitute a violation thereof and be punishable by a fine of $50 for each offense. Every day or portion thereof shall constitute a separate and continuing violation.

Permit is required for posting on fences, walls, trees and poles:  No person shall post on or affix to any fence, wall, tree box, post, pole, including utility poles, or other structure within or bordering on the lines of any public street, way or ground any bill, placard, notice, poster or advertising design without first obtaining from the Chief of Police a permit thereof, nor shall any such matter be posted or affixed to a billboard or bulletin board without the previously obtained consent of the owner thereof. – Ch 213-3, Haverhill City Code”