February 14, 2012

City of Haverhill
City Council Agenda
Tuesday, February 14, 2012 
City Council Chambers


John A. Michitson , President
Robert H. Scatamacchia, Vice President
Michael J. Hart
William H. Ryan
Sven A. Amirian 
Michael S. McGonagle
William J. Macek
Colin F. LePage
Mary Ellen Daly O’Brien


Weekly Meetings
7:00 PM

Haverhill City Hall
Room 202
4 Summer St
Haverhill, MA 01830

Agenda Only

Agenda Complete

1. Approval of Records of the Previous Meeting

2. Assignment of the minutes review for the next Meeting

3. Communications from the Mayor

No Schedule

4. Utility Hearing(s) and Related Order(s)

No Schedule

5. Appointments

5.1 Confirming Appointments:

No Schedule

5.2 Non-Confirming Appointments:

No Schedule

6. Petitions

6.1 Applications:

6.1.1 Renewal Application for Coin-op: Papa Ginos, 3 Ferry st, 1 Coin-Op Attachment

6.1.2 Renewal Application for Sunday License: Papa Ginos, 1 Coin-Op Attachment

6.1.3 Petition from Deborah Andrews requesting to hang a banner for the “Lend A Hand Auction;” on Route 125 at Salem st & South Main st (Common), February 13th Attachment

6.2 Monthly Reports:

6.2.1 Abatement report from Board of Assessors for month of January 2012

7. Communications and Reports from City Officers and Employees

7.1 Communications from Councilors

7.1.1 Communication from Councillor Scatamacchia requesting to recognize Joseph Bevilacqua for receiving numerous awards on behalf of the Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce Attachment

7.1.2 Communication from Councillor Hart requesting a discussion regarding dangerous traffic intersections in the City Attachment

7.1.3 Communication from Councillor Hart submitting the recommendations of the Traffic & Safety Committee held February 8th Attachment

8. Hearings and related Orders

No Schedule

9. Unfinished Business of preceding Meetings

9.1 Document 1-0, Non-Confirming Appointment: Forestry Management Committee: Leonard Russo (Exp: January 31, 2013) Attachment

9.2 Document 21-C, Ordinance re: Parking, Delete Handicap Parking, 35 Oak ter (Filed 1/24/12) Attachment

10. Motions, Orders and Resolutions

10.1 Order: Precinct Officers appointed to serve in the several wards of the City for 2012 Attachment

10.2 Order adopt recommendations of Water Supply Committee be and are hereby adopted for implementation by the Water Department, subject to appropriation where necessary by the Mayor and City Council Attachment

10.3 Appropriate and transfer $31,556.03 from Firearms Permits Fees Fund to the Capital Project – Police Dept Transport Van Attachment

10.4 Proclamation– Lithuanian Independence Day; February 16, 2012 Attachment

10.5 Proclamation- Dominican Republic Independence Day; February 27, 2012 Attachment

11. Council Committee Reports

No Schedule

12. Committee Study Lists

12.1 Documents referred to Committee Study Attachment

13. Adjourn