If you are IN NEED of resources, services, or general aid:

If you are IN NEED of resources, services, or general aid, dial 311 and a representative will help with any service you need.

  • INFORMATION for Supporting Families/Self Care/Distance Learning
  • TECHNOLOGY ASSISTANCE FOR SCHOOL CHILDREN: Monday-Friday 9:30-1:30 (45 minute increments) Haverhill YMCA - 81 Winter Street, bogoshr@northshoreymca.org, 978-374-6171 or Boys & Girls Club of Greater Haverhill - 55 Emerson Street, bcarmack@haverhillbgc.org
  • CHILDCARE: If you are a parent in need of childcare while schools are closed, please fill out this survey here. Also, please click here for some childcare drop-in centers.
    • YMCA Childcare Information or call (978)479-1979
  • GENERAL: A list of people who can help with a variety of resources is available here. Please feel free to contact folks on this list if they have a resource you need help with.
  • SUPPLIES DELIVERED: If you are a high risk individual and need food, medication, or other necessities delivered to you, please reach out to us directly at (978) 228-5322 or MASHaverhill@gmail.com. We have a database of community members who are available to pick up and deliver supplies, and will connect you with someone ASAP.
  • VIRTUAL COMPANIONSHIP: Quarantine and isolation can be lonely! If you would like someone to talk to, please contact a community member on this list.
  • ADDITIONAL HELP: If there is anything you need that is not found on the above offerings spreadsheet, please contact us at (978-228-5322) or MASHaverhill@gmail.com

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