VISION Haverhill 2035 - Master Plan meeting 11/7/19 - Consentino School, 6-8 PM

The city’s Master Plan Committee and Vision Haverhill 2035 consultant are heading down the homestretch!

We are preparing to host a key public meeting Nov. 7 from 6 to 8 p.m. at Consentino School, 685 Washington St.
At this pivotal meeting, our Master Plan team will present its goals, strategies and action plan to the public. Feedback will then be incorporated into a draft version of our new Master Plan, which we hope to finalize prior to the end of the year. The draft plan and zoning changes to make it happen will be submitted to the Planning Board for its review in mid-November and then to City Council for approval of the zoning changes sometime in December. The Master Plan update began April 4 with a public kickoff meeting and followed with a series of community outreach meetings and regular meetings of the Master Plan Committee and the consulting firm.

The final plan and zoning changes are being designed to reflect the community’s vision for Haverhill’s future.  In simple terms it is a roadmap for bringing economic development, housing and tax revenue to the city while preserving Haverhill’s historic character and values. The final plan with also incorporate a vision for improving the local economy and transportation infrastructure, protecting and preserving open space and natural resources, and strengthening cultural and civic resources.

For more information, visit the Vision Haverhill 2035 website. There you will find an overview of the process and links to many resources and reports including Haverhill’s existing conditions report, previous presentations and notes from community and committee meetings.