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Mutual aid is a powerful way to build strong connections - we all have something to offer and we all have something we need.

Questions? Call or text our hotline 978-228-5322 or email
Or dial 311 for immediate assistance, M-F,  8:00-4:00

Who is MASH?

MASH coalition partners include:

  • Greater Haverhill Indivisible
  • Haverhill Latino Coalition
  • Haverhill Education Association
  • Haverhill Education Coalition
  • Merrimack Valley Project
  • Haverhill YMCA
  • City of Haverhill

Help us help you
We are looking for support: these documents were put together in a few hours by some friends and we definitely need help from more people to get this thing going on the scale that we need. Here are some roles that need to be filled:

  • Spreading the word - We need to spread the word about what we’re doing in concise and clear ways to ALL parts of Haverhill - help us make and distribute flyers, spread the word online, and reach out to other friends.
  • Translations/Language Justice - Please reach out if you have capacity to translate some of our materials into other languages.
  • OrgOrg - Why reinvent the wheel? Haverhill is filled with awesome organizations that already have tons of resources and skills. We want to form networks with them to maximize mutual aid! Help us reach out to existing networks and figure out how to power up together.
  • Budgeting - Determining financial needs and distribution based on principles of harm reduction and effectivity.
  • Something else? Do you have a brilliant idea? Get in touch: