Youth Activity & Mental Health Initiative

The purpose of this solicitation notice is to announce the availability of funds to support a new Youth Activities and Mental Health initiative. The Youth Activities and Mental Health initiative has three goals:

  • Counteract the devastating effects of isolation experienced by youth, due to the pandemic and due to disparities in family income and other barriers that limit access to activities;
  • Promote youth’s social, educational, developmental, and personal well-being and improve mental health;
  • Ensure equitable access for all youth, especially low income and minority youth who traditionally have lacked access to a broad range of youth development activities.

Eligible applicants are both public and private bidders, including, but not limited to, community-based organizations, parents and guardians, educators, schools and other education providers, local businesses, nonprofit agencies, the faith community, and civic groups. Eligible youth are defined as residents of Haverhill up to age twenty-one. This is one-time money, which will require applicants to propose activities and services that can be ramped up and delivered quickly.

Please fill out the application below and return it to:  City Hall, 4 Summer Street, Room 100, Haverhill MA  01830 or email: with Youth Activity Application in the subject line.

Solicitation Notice