Winnekenni Castle and Park Restoration Plan

Winnekenni (the name comes from the Algonquin dialect, which means "very beautiful") is a hilly, city-owned conservation area of more than 700 acres.  The park needs repairs and upgrades to the grounds and the historic Winnekenni Castle.  

Winnekenni has a long and rich history with the citizens and community of Haverhill.  In the late 1800’s Winnekenni became Haverhill’s first public park, where it quickly became a favorite recreation spot. It is within a few miles of downtown Haverhill and includes about 10 miles of easy walking trails, Kenoza Lake, and Plug Pond.  The signature landmark of the park remains the Winnekenni Castle.   Dr. James R. Nichols, a local physician, and inventor, built the Castle in 1873-1875 as a summer home at this farm that he named Winnekenni.  

The City is partnering with the Winnekenni Foundation to support a complete restoration of the park to make it an economic destination for Haverhill.  Potential federal funding will be combined with state dollars to improve the grounds, while the Foundation has a mission to refurbish the exterior and interior of the building entirely.  This will make the Castle and surrounding grounds available to the public for cultural and educational purposes.

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The Park and Castle have played host to weddings, concerts, holiday events, and family gatherings.  The trails and recreational facilities support healthy living.  One of Haverhill’s true treasures is worth restoring and continuing its long legacy to the entire region!

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