Haverhill Water St Gateway Project

Haverhill has been vigorously working on a project encompassing a mile of Water Street (from Mill Street to Riverside Avenue). Named the “Haverhill Water Street Gateway Project”, the project will address major surface transportation needs while creating a gateway entrance along the Water Street corridor that increases pedestrian, bicycle, motorist and commercial traffic access and safety.

“This project is part of plan to modernize and beautify the major gateways into Haverhill and take advantage of our greatest natural asset, the Merrimack River,” said Mayor Jim Fiorentini. The plans include improving roadway drainage, paving and lighting as well as adding new trails and river outlooks.

Mayor Fiorentini plans to apply for new funds recently allocated by the Biden administration that makes $1.5 billion available for this year’s RAISE (Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability & Equity) grants. These funds are earmarked for transportation projects. Prior to completing the grant, the Mayor and the City’s Chief Engineer, John Pettis, are meeting with residents and stakeholders to discuss their opinions, input and questions. The first meeting was held recently – Jan. 16 - at the St. John the Baptist Church.  Other meetings will follow prior to the Feb. 28 RAISE grant application deadline.

RAISE Grants link:  https://www.transportation.gov/RAISEgrants/about

RAISE Grant Solicitation link: https://www.transportation.gov/sites/dot.gov/files/2023-01/RAISE%202023%20NOFO%20Amendment%201_0.pdf