Adopt a park rules


In order to establish a program standard the following must be agreed to by Adopt-a-Park volunteers in order to ensure we are upholding our program mission of city beautification.  It is also understood that the adopted area belongs to the City of Haverhill and they reserve the right to have ultimate oversight of all locations.

 General Rules

  1. Adopted area maintenance shall commence April 15 through the first frost
  2. Sponsors will be responsible for keeping the area planted in good condition and free of weeds
  3. Sponsors will ensure proper watering takes place
  4. Permission from the city is required before painting pre-existing benches, poles and fire hydrants.

 Design & Maintenance Rules

  1. Design shall be limited to shrubs, plants and flowers
  2. No plastic, natural materials only please!
  3. If planted items perish during the season they are to be removed or replaced as needed
  4. Height of plantings should not obstruct traffic views
  5. Dead blossoms should be snipped off regularly
  6. At seasons end the area needs to be cleaned and all annuals removed
  7. Signage limited to city sponsored templates but can be customized to include any name, organization or business
  8. The City will continue to mow at larger parks and islands unless otherwise specified (contact us to find out if your area is among those currently maintained by the City)
  9. The City will provide mulch and compost as needed
  10. Adopters are required to have prior City approval in order to add items such as trash barrels, benches or other equipment to their sites
  11. At seasons end, adopter agrees to complete a short survey about his or her time spent on his or her locations