**Residents are encouraged to maintain social distancing guidelines in accordance with State COVID-19 Order 55: Revised Order Requiring All Persons to Wear Face Coverings in Public Places ** (FULL TEXT)

**Please reference the pandemic guidelines on this page before arriving in order to be prepared for each facility**

**Most of our outdoor facilities will be available by the end of April 2021. Please Contact Haverhill Recreation for more information.**

Activity Organizer Guidelines Spring 2021

 Haverhill Recreation Current Programs
Winnekenni Yoga - OPEN!
Wilderness Education (Flyer) - OPEN!
Esports (Parent Guide) - Updated Each Season!
Winnekenni Boot Camp - OPEN!

Facility Guidance Phase 4.1
Baseball/Softball Fields
Multi-Use Athletic Fields
 Skate Parks
Disc Golf Course
Basketball Courts
Dog Parks
Tennis Courts

Have an idea for a program or activity? Visit our Volunteers page to learn more about how your skills can help support the community.

Haverhill Activity Registration Website
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